Being born in Poland at a time when obtaining a weekly supply of toilet paper required ability and aptitude, I was always sensitive to the role public policy plays in our lives. My interests were deepened by the economic transition. I decided to pursue a degree in Political Science at the University of Łódź. It was at the UŁ, and more specifically in the classes offered by the Department of American Studies, that I grew interested in the causes of American prosperity. Along with my classmates, I dreamt of traveling to the United States to witness first hand what we read about in our textbooks. Today, it is impossible for me to convey how out of reach those dreams seemed at the time. Yet in my sophomore year, to my greatest astonishment and joy, I won a scholarship that allowed me to transfer to St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

At St. Cloud I discovered what appeared to be an inconceivable educational system: my professors were genuinely interested in my work! It was a novel, life- altering experience. I could not comprehend the individual attention students were given and only with time I began to understand how institutional environments shape our interactions. The structure of academia in Poland allows little room for student-teacher interactions. Professors lecture and give oral exams at the end of the semester but never offer office hours and casual conversations between faculty and students are rare.

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Gustavus Adolphus College

Spring 2015

     Public Finance

     Principles of Microeconomics

Spring 2015

    Entrepreneurship Seminar

     Health Economics 

     Intermediate Microeconomcis

Fall 2014

     History of Economic Thought

     Principles of Microeconomics

Beloit College

Spring 2014

     Economic Development Syllabus

     Comparative Health Economics Syllabus

     Economic Theory: Microeconomics Syllabus

Fall 2013

     Economic Theory: Microeconomics Syllabus

Spring 2013

     Prinicples of Microeconomics Syllabus

     Economic Theory: Microeconomics Syllabus

     Health Economics Syllabus

Fall 2012:

     Economic Theory: Microeconomics Syllabus

George Mason University

Summer 2011

     Economics of Developing AreaSyllabus

Spring 2011

     Economies in Transition Syllabus

Fall 2010

     Economics of Developing Areas Syllabus 

Summer 2010

     Economics of Developing Areas Syllabus

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